Our Causes

Equipe health facilities and construct houses for orphans

health centres  and houses for orphans

Facilitating community empowerment in disadvantaged regions by building infrastructure, building health centres, well-equipped schools and developing practical and social life skills.

Establishing activities that balance individual and collective rights and duties in order to promote community autonomy and individual development.

Why shelters are important ?

  • Shelters provide secure accommodation for women and children who are at risk of or have been subjected to violence, although they contribute far more than just a safe place to stay. Shelters provide essential aspects of protection, services and resources which enable women who have experienced abuse and their children to recover from the violence, to rebuild self-esteem, and to take steps to regain a self-determined and independent life.
  • With proper resources, shelters have the capacity to provide the range of protection and support services necessary to help survivors and those at risk of violence to avoid future abuse.