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Do you believe that most of the teenagers from 14- to 18-years have ever had a sexual relationship?

According to the study of young people's love life, conducted among 8,194 teenagers, according to WHO, many young people had sexual intercourse as a couple.

According to the study, 3 out of 10 sexually active adolescents had a relationship with a friend and only 1 in 10 had one sexual intercourse.
according to the survey, 83% of youth between the ages of 14 and 18 say they are attracted to people of the other sex, 11% are attracted to people of both sexes, 5% question and 1% are attracted to people of the same sex.

Possible reactions and emotions for parents

When it comes to the sexuality of their teenagers, some parents will feel that they are losing their child. Other parents will be caught off guard by the idea of approaching the subject and discussing.

sexuality with their teenagers, (children) having neither the tools nor the desire to have this kind of discussion.

Others will feel more comfortable and will approach the subject easily. Each parent having his challenges and his comfort zones, all these reactions are possible. After all, sexuality refers to a very personal system values for everyone.

Whether we agree or not, if teenagers want information about sexuality, they will look for it, regardless of the source. As a parent, it may be relevant to be well informed and think about what you want to convey as information to your children. Then we can talk with them or ask a relative to do it.

In Brief ,sexuality during adolescence stage is expressed in many ways. Every young person has his/her own rhythm and above all, lives his/her own experience. The tool may be a valuable support in his/her career. We work closely with families and young people in primary schools to bring awareness about this important subject referred to as taboo by some cultures and lay out a solid foundation in young people ‘s health and personal career.

 Risky sexual behaviours of adolescents in schools:

Does my teenager have any disturbing signs that might suggest he is using drugs ? Yes.

• If he/she abruptly changes behaviour, friends, dresse code

• If school results degrade

 •escaping from home without informing anyone

• Suddenly uses home deodorants to hide drug smell

• If the demand for pocket money is very pressing

• If your teenager starts stealing

No, if your teenager tells you that one day he tried something to see, but that it was just an experience like that, that he/she did not intend to renew



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