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Main Objectives Of Barama and all our Partners

Educating and providing scholastic materials like school uniforms, books to the orphans, and poor youth in order to have a better future.


 Establishing  Technical and vocational institute which aims at educating needy people, and youth in different intellectual skills like construction of houses, architecture, art crafts, modelling and designing, catering (home economics), hair dressing, mechanical engineering, home management and tailoring: enabling them gain self -independence . Being able to read and write is one of the most effective tools to empowerment and overcoming poverty. Not only are jobs more available, those who are literate will lead more enriched lives. Not being able to read and write almost guarantees poverty in less developed countries.


In addition, the project is also focused on prevention of child labour due parental illiteracy, social apathy, ignorance, lack of education and exposure, exploitation of cheap and unorganized labour. The family practice to inculcate traditional skills in children also pulls little ones inexorably in the trap of child labour, as they never get the opportunity to learn anything else; thus the need to put up schools or private institutions to eradicate the problem of child labour.


Constructing of houses for sale and shelter orphans, poor people and project volunteers.



 Health centres, as health is one of main concerns, we plan to build focused on immunization, scientific research, treatment, maternity services for women, HIV research and counselling services. We work with doctors and still need volunteers to carry out do to door, village to village counselling. We talk to sick people about their disabilities, especially those with incurable diseases and asses how we can help them. Some of these people are discriminated by family and village members, being taken as cursed people. So we counsel, help and shelter them.  Fight such negative stigmas and thinking due to illiteracy and ignorance is still a hard job but our reconciliation measure between families and the sick (HIV affected people) has facilitated our work.


we also plan to expand the project with information on HIV Aids which is a big obstacle in social development: in this case there is great need to construct a well equipped clinic to treat, research and educate women and young people on issues of HIV awareness and preventives measures in which the most victims are women without work and young people at large.


Farming, (cattle and goat raring, poultry, coffee and maize growing and provision of farm land which needs money to buy. Once there is enough space of fertile land to carry out this project, we would have the possibility to sell our products like eggs, meat, beef, coffee, beans, maize, potatoes, etc thus earning money to improve on social and health needs like clinics and schools.


 Preservation of our environment by educating people about the dangers of pollution to our health, mobilising people to adopt good farming methods, planting trees etc.

construct a third workshop where we are going to be presenting various activities, like farming, schools, rehabilitation centre, real estate, homes for elderly and disabled people and computing classrooms to facilitate communication between project members.  


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Barama Charity Foundation is, a non-profit charity helping poor people more especially the youth in Uganda and in Switzerland as one of our measures to fight against global poverty and HIV

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